Creating local content is a good way of ensuring you rank higher in local search results and it’s easy to make your business stand out in a crowded market by creating pages for local content that will attract new customers. With increased local search visibility you will have a competitive edge when compared to your local competitors’ bare-bones websites.  Plus, you can expect more exposure online because internet searchers and search engines are going prefer your informative and easy to navigate website that clearly supplies the local information they are looking for.


Optimizing your website with keywords, locations and services in a way that is understandable for humans and search engines is one of the smartest online moves you can make for your business. To increase local search visibility you need to understand how people are searching online for businesses near them with services or products just like yours. Creating more local content on your website ensures your business can be found online easily and with the correct information so customers can make the connections needed to complete a sale.

According to BrightLocal’s 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey, 98% of searchers choose a business that is on page 1 of the results of their local search. It bears repeating that this means buying decisions are being made based on what is found almost exclusively on the first page of search results. If you want that purchase to be from your business then you need to do everything you can to get on that first page of local search results, preferably as number one.

Unless your area of expertise is web design or you’re a closet SEO, you are probably excited to have a website at all and haven’t given much thought to adding more web pages to beef up your local search visibility. But no matter how good your website is, it can be better. And it can work harder for you by giving you the added visibility you need to show up higher in profitable local search results.


11 Website Pages You Can Add to Increase Local Visibility


This page should restate who you are, what you do and where you are before it lists all of your services or products with a short description (unless you are creating a page for each service then you can skip the description and just link to the page). It should read something like “Sanders Personal Training. The Top Rated Sports Training Facility 3 Years in a Row. Serving Dallas, Irvine, Fort Worth and Arlington Athletes for over 15 years.”


If you provide a handful of services, products or packages, give each one its own page with a detailed description and relevant images (tagged with your keywords). If you have lots of services, create group pages. And don’t feel forced to put prices. A “Contact us for Pricing” label is standard but remember that price is specifically what many visitors are looking for.


This is one page that list all of your locations. If you have locations in multiple states you can do TEXAS LOCATIONS, OKLAHOMA LOCATES, and so forth pages. Keep this updated with the correct address, phone number and business hours for each location.


Your LOCATION page lists all of your locations and you can build out from that by creating a page for each location. The benefit of this is you can make your content here hyper-local by listing the neighborhood, maps and directions, services and community keywords phrases that locals care about like “across from Dallas Cowboy Stadium” or “Proud Supporter of the Allen Eagles High School Football State Champions”.


5. FAQs

Answer common questions that people are asking your business and (probably entering into internet search engines) to gain traffic to your site. Be sure to create internal links to your other webpages that will expand on FAQ answers and help convert website visitors into customers.


These are short bios and photos of employees who interact with customers. You’ll see this a lot more with doctors, real estate agents, and technicians who visit homes or businesses. Customers are more comfortable when they can put a face to a name and know a little about the person they are going to interact with. And these pages are easily optimized as well.


Here is a chance to detail the work you’ve done for a particular customer or client, and highlight the spectacular results they experienced investing in your service. A prime spot for location-optimized and keyword rich content.


Get testimonials from your customers and let your visitors know why you are “The Only Choice for Quality Carpet Cleaning in and around Flower Mound,” for example, in your header tags.


You don’t have to be too clever with your writing to optimize this page for location but remember to find a natural fit for your keywords and services in the content of this page. Try something like, “Jerry J’s Dallas BBQ has been serving the best ribs in Dallas County for over 25 years and serving the community on Thanksgiving Day at the D. Bryant Community Center in Irving for 10 thankful years of giving back.”


Use this page to list what sets you apart from the competition and be sure to link to other pages on your website to back up your claims. Include awards, expertise, certifications, licenses, financing or special pricing options, your commitments to your customers and to your communities and all the little extras that customers are looking for when they are in the last stages of their buying decisions.


This page is easy to optimize and gives you a lot of opportunities to fit in your keywords and location information. Remember that the title of this page is better if it is optimized as well. “MEET OUR SEO EXPERTS” reads better than ABOUT US and start with a H1 tag like “The Best Electricians in Collin County. Proudly Serving the McKinney and Plano Communities for over 8 Years.”

 Create More Local Content for Better Search Results

We purposely skipped the most common pages such as HOME, CONTACT US, or BLOG.  If your website doesn’t already have those, you’ll need to step back and create a better foundation for your business online presence before you think about optimization. And while some of the pages listed here you may already have, some will present the perfect opportunity to restate your purpose and repeat the services you provide in the locations you are serving. You just need to make the time to add a new page and you’ll create a space that lets search engines know that when searchers are looking for local services or products you are clearly a top provider.

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