It never ceases to amaze me how much impact SEO and Reputation Management can have on the success of a small business. This past year was full of changes in how we market our business online, and so much has happened to make growing a small business even easier.

Check out Reputation Loop’s Top Small Business Posts for 2016 in this quick recap of the best of the best in reputation management, SEO, and Google search.

In 2016 we’ve put a big push on publishing actionable posts that help business owners and marketers build a positive reputation and create greater success while competing with bigger business with more resources.  While every post didn’t have something for every reader, thousands receive blog updates to their inbox every week with up-to-date informational, educational, and instructional articles on how they can do more with their online reputation.

Here is a quick recap of our Top Small Business Posts for 2016:

Best in GOOGLE

How to Optimize Google My Business

Knowing that Google is Master of the Universe when it comes to search engine use and new customers finding your business, it is crucial you understand how important your Google My Business listing is to visibly rank in Google search results. Complete listings also influence search engine user behavior as one study shows … read more

Latest Google My Business Update for 2016

Learn what’s obsolete, what’s new, and how you can do more with the latest Google My Business updates. Google My Business is one of the free tools Google provides to businesses to manage their online presence in search and map results. Smart business owners have already verified and … read more

Google Confirms Ad Coming to Local 3 Pack

Google announces at SMX Advanced Local Workshop (an industry conference for search marketers) that their Local 3 Pack will soon include an advertisement. What does it mean for your business that ads will now appear in local 3 pack results? The most important thing to know about the ad in the local 3 pack is … read more

Google Local SEO Ranking Factors for Small Business

When you do a local search for your business, where is it ranked?  If it is not at the top of search results or not showing at all, there are steps you can take today to start to change that.  Look at the listed local SEO ranking factors for areas where you can make immediate improvements … read more


Best in SEO

6 Free SEO Audit Tools for Your Website

An SEO site audit is the first step in building a successful SEO campaign.  You need to know where your website stands if you want to optimize its performance in search rankings.  Site audits show you what is wrong with your website and help you uncover what areas need immediate attention … read more

Angie’s List is Now Free – Impact on Business Reviews & SEO

Angie’s List is now free, removing the annual membership requirement to view full ratings and reviews.  Now consumers can access this service for free, opening the door to an audience even larger than its millions of current paid members. In the past only paying customers could read Angie’s List reviews or leave their own, but now … read more

Local SEO Checklist: 9 Basic Tips to Get Found in Local Search

Why a back to basics local SEO checklist? Because you need to dominate local search results to win new customers.  The one constant with Google is that they are constantly “updating” their algorithms to give their search customers the absolute best results.  By giving people individualized and highly relevant … read more



Dentist Reputation Marketing INFOGRAPHIC

Dentists reputation marketing isn’t just about search engine optimization.  Customer reviews make up a large portion of your online reputation and are vital to the success of your business.  They are undeniably the most important part as new customers rely on the opinions they find online about your business to pick their next dental professional … read more

Big List of Online Customer Review Sites

Online customer reviews are very important to the growth of your small business. The numbers might vary from survey to survey, but the results are clear. Each year the influence of online customer reviews on the buying habits of increasingly mobile and internet-savvy consumers continues to grow with most estimating that over 90% of consumers are looking at online reviews … read more

Reputation Management for Local Businesses – 10 Pro Tips

Reputation Management may sound like a big business process that your small business doesn’t have to worry about, but that just isn’t’ true. In your industry, there may be larger businesses greater selection, lower prices, and big ad budgets, but your small business can dominate your local market with proper reputation management … read more



5 Free Digital Marketing Tools You Don’t Know About

Free Digital Marketing Tools HEADER

Free and Low-Cost Marketing Automation Tools for SMB

Marketing Automation H1

Best Free CRM for Small Businesses

Best Free CRM Software

Here’s to your continued success in 2017!

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