Online review monitoring ensures you know what is being said about your business online where your next customer is hanging out.  Internet savvy consumers are doing internet searches, gathering information, and making their buying decisions in seconds.  Building a five-star reputation requires actively gathering new reviews, and online review monitoring ensures any negative reviews are addressed immediately, so your voice is heard in online conversations about your business.

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Getting even one negative review online can have a direct impact on the trust consumers have in your business and your ranking in search engine results. It is essential that you have an online review system in place that includes online review monitoring.

Look at the statistics, and it is hard to ignore the considerable influence customer reviews have on the buying decisions of consumers.

Importance of Reviews Online Review MonitoringKnowing what customers are posting about your business, in real-time so that you can handle negative customer reviews lets you protect your business reputation, gain trust from customers who don’t know your business, and earn new business.

Build Your Online Reputation and Get More Customers

Online review monitoring allows you to respond to negative reviews quickly, diminishing the adverse effect of readers’ perception of your business. In fact, readers are drawn to owners’ responses to negative reviews to get a clearer picture of a business from both sides.

We all know that there are people out there who are quick to leave negative reviews – earned or not. And people who read reviews are very interested in what owners have to say in response. Online review monitoring allows you to know as soon as any negative reviews show up, so you can set the record straight right there online where future customers are learning about your business.

Building a positive online presence that shows a stream of recent and positive reviews was good for business.  Seeing the power of online customers reviews to influence buyer decisions, increase search engine results rankings, and click-through rates solidify the fact that having a review management and promotion process is a necessary part of today’s digital marketing plan.

Online Review Monitoring Protects Your Place in Search Results

While you are busy running your business, your next customer is researching to find the best services and products. They are relying on online reviews and ratings to help guide their purchasing decisions. With the explosive growth of mobile web searching and increased development of review apps, consumers are making their spending decisions on-the-go and faster than ever.

Putting your reviews and star ratings where people can see them on your website and review sites is a valuable source of highly-effective marketing generated by your customers and trusted by your consumers.

Positive Customer Reviews Online Review Monitoring

With online review monitoring, you know what customers are saying across the web ensures you have the opportunity to address and neutralize negative reviews immediately.

As you actively gather more and more reviews, this user-generated content helps your business show up higher in Google search results – where many customers look first when searching for a place to visit or make a purchase. Research is an essential step in the buyer’s journey, and online review monitoring allows you to have a say in what future customers are reading.

Using microdata and schema markup, search engines are able to show rich snippets in their search engine results pages where star ratings can appear prominently with your website listing. Rich snippets and positive reviews make your website listing pop off the page and attract the attention of new customers.

Search engines also prefer unique content that is regularly updated, and customer reviews create exactly that type of content. When customer reviews are posted on your site and review sites, your business is building user-generated content that Google will rank for relevant keywords.

Both rich snippets and positive online reviews help your business rank higher in search results because search engines and search engine users better understand what your business is about.

Monitor Your Online Reviews and Reputation

There are online review monitoring services and tools that let you know what customers see online.  You can opt to do this yourself manually, but whether you automate or DIY, you MUST monitor your online reviews. Remember, online review monitoring allows you to be part of the conversations going on when people are making their buy decisions.

For small businesses that automate their reputation management, the only time-consuming part of online review monitoring is responding to the best and worst reviews in a way that prospective customers reading reviews know you value the customer. Care has to be taken with review responses because negative reviews are trusted more and read more thoroughly which gives business owners an opportunity to win over customers.


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