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If you already use Infusionsoft for its powerful automation features and extensive customer segmentation capabilities, you now have the ability to enhance that by combining it with Reputation Loop.™

With our Simple API hook up, you’ll generate fresh customer feedback and turn positive feedback into a five-star presence across the web, all from within your Infusionsoft application.

To download our latest Infusionsoft API Documentation – Click Here and “Save As”

Note: To maximize your API benefits with Infusionsoft you will need to be comfortable using the Campaign Builder and creating HTTP Posts. A helpful tutorial is provided so you’ll know exactly how to get started within Infusionsoft.

If you are not comfortable with their Campaign Builder many of our Certified Partners can implement this feature for you.

Certified Consultant Program and Listing

OfficialReputationLoopCertifiedConsultantOur Certified Consultants Program provides you, the business owner, with access to Reputation Loop™ experts, who work to ensure your account is properly setup, to maximize customer followup, and boost the number of reviews online.

All of our Certified Consultants are trained specialists on initial implementation, are fellow users of the platform, and many are also certified partners with one or more of our API Integration Partners as well.

To access our Reputation Loop Certified Consultant Directory Click Here

Comprehensive Marketing Automation with Infusionsoft and Reputation Loop

Over 20,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft to handle contact management, sales, email marketing and e-commerce because it’s the best sales and marketing automation platform on the market and now Infusionsoft users can harness the power of Reputation Loop to enhance their automation as fully integrated software that handles the process of turning customer feedback into 5 Star reviews.

Adding Reputation Loop’s innovative software API with your Infusionsoft account allows you to preset the entire process for generating customer feedback and turn positive feedback into online ratings and reviews through the Automated Feedback Funnel – an automatic email marketing and follow up system that works with every single customer that comes through your business for feedback on how the company did. Customers giving positive feedback are asked at a crucial time (when they are already singing your praises) to simply click through to leave that review on some of the most powerful and most searched review sites such as Google+ or Facebook.

If the feedback is negative, Reputation Loop works with the dissatisfied customer, helping to prevent negative comments being shared online, and works to gather more information about their experience. The business owner, and any selected staff member, are notified immediately of the poor feedback and sent the information the customer supplied instantly via email and text message to ensure any concerns are promptly addressed. This step is crucial to ensure the customer feels they’ve been heard, their concerns are being addressed, and prevents poor ratings online.


 Here’s Why Ratings and Reviews Are More Important Today Than Ever Before:

Statistics show 97% of consumers use online media when researching products or services. When consumers are making buying decisions, a great first impression counts, especially since 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. Business owners using Reputation Loop no longer worry about negative reviews appearing online because the Automated Feedback Funnel works with every customer to ensure only the best reviews are posted online and negative feedback is captured within the system giving the business owner an opportunity to address issues and improve business processes internally.

This fully automated process is even more powerful for your business when integrated directly with Infusionsoft.

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Leveraging the Power of Infusionsoft and Reputation Loop

Reputation Loop automatically handles the entire feedback process through the powerful API integration with Infusionsoft to quickly manage contacts, feedback, segmentation, and campaigns without ever having to log into the Reputation Loop dashboard. Simply enter your application name and encryption key and you are ready to begin.

Start with the Campaign Builder. View instructions here:  Create an Infusionsoft Campaign


Then set connect Infusionsoft and Reputation Loop.  Instructions:  Set up Infusionsoft on Reputation Loop


When you tag your Infusionsoft contacts with “Reputation Loop” you’ll initiate the feedback request sequence and Reputation Loop handles the rest.  The Reputation Loop software automates the entire process for you: tagging contacts “in review system” as feedback requests are sent, and then changing the contact tag as appropriate from a“5 to 1 star review” once feedback is completed, or “did not review” if the customer has yet to leave feedback after all requests in the sequence have been sent.

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Now your Infusionsoft software is enhanced with Reputation Loop’s power to:

  • Initiate the automated feedback loop allowing you to easily to reach out and follow up with recent customers to gather feedback and encourage reviews.
  • Use intelligent review routing to filter and follow up with customers who leave positive feedback directing them to your choice of rating and review sites while capturing potentially negative feedback promptly. The software will redirect an unhappy customer to a private internal page allowing them share their concerns with your business directly avoiding poor reviews online.
  • Monitor your reputation as customer feedback and online reviews are found they are instantly added to the feedback dashboard that shows your overall feedback score, online ratings average, and notifies you of new ratings or reviews.
  • Filter customers to quickly segment customers by feedback star rating and send them special offers or notifications to reward your best customers and improve customer relations.
  • Promote your brand by sharing feedback and reviews on all your major social media accounts.

With Reputation Loop, available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace, you now have the power to completely automate the customer feedback process, easily turn your best feedback into five-star reviews online, and monitor your overall reputation from one central location.

Integrating Infusionsoft with Reputation Loop ensures you are leveraging the power of a true all-in-one sales and marketing platform.

Build a 5 Star Online Reputation and Grow Your Business with Reputation Loop

Whether you are a local store front, business coach, professional speaker, or an e-commerce site, managing your online reputation is vital to the success of your business.  The boldest and clearest visual of your business is initial snapshot of quality five-stars reviews that show up as soon as a potential customer finds you online.  Reputation Loop positions you as the obvious choice by placing your best reviews front and center to be seen by your prospective customers.

You know from your own buying decisions that five-star reviews give a business a huge advantage over competitors.

Out dated, or little to no reviews about your business make it hard for future customers to trust you and a poor rating could easily take you out of the running all together.  This is when reputation management goes from a business “should have to a business “must have.


Reputation Loop Dashboard

Packed with features -Reputation Loop builds a positive web presence and ensures your business ranks high against competitors. As the first and only reputation management platform featuring intelligent review routing, reputation monitoring, social media integration and brand promotion, Reputation Loop’s innovative software provides the comprehensive, hands-off tools every small business needs to grow.  And with its direct integration with Infusionsoft, automating your business to build a positive online presence, protect your online reputation, and increase your sales has never been easier.  Try it today!

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