Recently, Facebook announced that Facebook Recommendations is the new way customers review, tag and recommend your business. This is great news because Facebook Pages are one of the best free business tools available to any business owner and you can use your Page to get your business in front of local customers while both building and promoting your business’s online presence.

There are more than 80 million small businesses using Facebook pages to promote their brand both on and off Facebook. Small Business is now a big deal with over 1.6 Billion people worldwide connected to a small business on Facebook.

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New Facebook Recommendations Giving More Power to Customer Opinions and Reviews

Facebook knows the importance of your online reputation and the role reviews play in growing your business. Facebook’s latest updates to Pages (the business equivalent to your personal Facebook account) has a distinct focus on “helping people connect with local businesses.”

When people are looking to spend money locally, they are asking their friends and families where to go – historically (before the internet) known as getting a “recommendation.”  Online and in real life your customers’ reviews and opinions influence future buyer’s opinions. Facebook wants to make it easy for you to leverage Facebook Recommendations to help people find your business locally.

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It may get confusing at first, so we are going to dive into what is new with Facebook reviews. Business Pages have always been able to feature ratings on their page, but now what use to be knowns as Facebook Reviews has been updated to Facebook Recommendations. This allows customers to share richer feedback about their experience with your business, products, and services.

The significance is that richer feedback about your business will make you more visible in local searches and attract more customers to your Facebook Business Page.

It is now easier for people to recommend your business and leave reviews because Facebook has added “Recommendations” to your Page. Customers can post Facebook recommendations (aka Facebook customer reviews) directly on your Page with options to add text, photos, and tags. The information customers put in Recommendations help your page reach other people while they’re searching for or talking about your business on Facebook.

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How Facebook Recommendations Work

Recommending a business on Facebook is a different process than the previous “Write a Review” option where you left a review score from 1 to 5. Now, with Facebook recommendations you don’t “review” a business, you “recommend” a business right on the businesses Page or when a “friend” asks for a recommendation, and you tag a business.

Find the Recommendations section or tab, and with the new (and simpler) Recommendation process you only have two options: Yes or No. If you select Yes, you can choose to write a recommendation, add a photo, and select tags then post the recommendation.

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Richer Endorsements and Protections with New Facebook Recommendations Features

Your online reputation heavily influences buyers who are active on Facebook. Customers can now recommend your business to others by simply answering “Yes” or “No,” providing richer endorsements with tags, text, and photos. By selecting tags, themes emerge with the feedback from Recommendations, making it easier for people to see what your business is known for.

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⇒ Tags – People leaving Recommendations can choose the best features of a business from a list of tags pre-generated from past reviews.

⇒ Photos – An exciting new option with Recommendation is the ability to post a photo when writing a review (recommendation) which you couldn’t do with the old review forms. When a friend asks for a recommendation and you tag a business in the comment section you can post gifs or pictures!

Additionally, Facebook mobile users have the option to upload a photo from their phone and use text to provide a Recommendation. Think about how these interactive and visual features enhance engagement for both people leaving and reading Facebook Recommendations.

⇒ Report Fake Reviews – To help your business build trust and to reinforce the authenticity of Recommendations, Facebook has created a simple process to report fraudulent, spam, or paid content that goes against its community standards.


Reporting a False Recommendation on My Business Page

Has someone left a recommendation that violates the Facebook Community Standards?

You can report Recommendations that don’t follow Facebook’s Community Standards or don’t focus on the product or service offered by the business for review and possible removal.

If you can’t find a Recommendation that you previously saw on the Page, it may have already been removed. And if you’re a Page admin or editor, you can also turn Recommendations for your Page off altogether while you research Recommendation issues.

To report Facebook Recommendations that violates Community Standards:

  1. Go to the Recommendation and click ●●● in the top right.
  2. Select “Give feedback on this Recommendation.”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Best Practices for Leveraging Facebook Recommendations and Page Templates

Make Facebook Recommendations and Page themes work overtime to promote your business and attract new customers by following these best practices:

  • Earn a Very Responsive Badge for your Page. The Very Responsive Badge will automatically turn on for your Page once you respond to 90% of all messages within 15 minutes or less. If you have notifications turned on for your business in the settings, you receive notifications whenever there is a new message. Learn how toVery Responsive Badge, and the tools like Away Messages that help you stay highly responsive to messages.

Facebook Recommendations Very Responsive Badge

  • Service businesses should use the Services Page template. By using the Services template, you can add a Services menu people can browse to see what you are offering. Make sure Recommendations are turned on so customers can review your business. If work on appointment schedule, you can set up Appointments on Facebook to manage your appointment calendar directly on Facebook and allow customers to book from your Page.
  • Restaurants should use the Restaurant Page template. Using the Restaurants template allows you to add a menu to your Page so potential customers are one click away from seeing what you serve.
  • Retail and E-commerce businesses should use the Shopping Page template. The Shopping template gives you the option to showcase and sell products directly on Facebook by adding a Shop section to your Page. If you primarily sell products through your website, you can update your Page action button to drive traffic to your website, and add a Facebook Pixel so you can track conversions from your website.

How to select or change Facebook Page templates:

You can change your Page template at any time. To change your Page’s template:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Edit Page in the left column.
  3. Below Templates, click Edit next to your current template.
  4. Click View Details next to the template you want to apply.
  5. Review the new buttons and tabs for your Page and click Apply Template.
  6. Click OK.

Other Facebook Business Page Updates

New Mobile Design

Pages on mobile were redesigned to make it easier for people to interact with local businesses and find what they need most. Mobile users can make a reservation at a restaurant; book an appointment at a salon; or see most recent photos, upcoming Events, and Offers.

Facebook Local App

The Facebook Local App makes finding local businesses around you faster and easier by browsing a “Local” section in your regular Facebook app or using the standalone Facebook Local app. You can see what places are most recommended and see what events your friends are attending.

Use Facebook Recommendations to Reach People When They Are Making Buying Decisions

Recommendations appear on your page and are discoverable across Facebook when people are searching for or talking about your business. This is especially beneficial where people are making buying decisions on Facebook such as Maps.

Because people trust the opinions of those they know most, Facebook has algorithms that have these Recommendations surfacing more prominently. Recommendations made by closest friends will show first, letting your business build even greater trust with potential buyers and shoppers.

Manage and Improve Your Online Reputation with Reputation Management Software

For your business to thrive in a competitive local marketplace, you must place a priority on creating a business reputation that attracts new customers and inspires recommendations. The best Reputation Management Software ensures your business has a system in place to monitor and improve your online reputation, creating a shorter path to purchase by increasing your online visibility and demonstrating how you are a better choice over competitors.


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