Putting Customer Reviews to Work in 2018 – Build a Better Reputation

As 2017 fades we find that consumers are relying more and more on social proof such as online reviews to make their buying decisions. You know how important your online reputation is for growing your business, that’s why we’re going to show you how to leverage your online reviews to show customers you are the [...]

2018 Local SEO Strategy Planning Using 2017 Lessons Learned

As another whirlwind year comes to a close let’s take a look at what changed in Local SEO in 2017, the lessons we learned, and how we can use that information to create a winning 2018 Local SEO strategy. With the number of changes that happened in search engine optimization, especially on the local level, [...]

Holiday Local SEO To Do List – Get Found Fast This Season

It’s that time of year when everything is centered around your holiday plans.  That includes how to best market your business to local customers looking to spend vast amounts of money not only to give gifts but to make any part of the hectic season easier, faster and more pleasant.  If your business can meet [...]

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Small Business Saturday 2017 – How to Promote My Local Business

Small Business Saturday 2107 is fast approaching, but there is still time to get your business in front of customers. As usual, Small Business Saturday is sandwiched between the twin retail phenomenon known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) where big brands offer deep price cuts and doorbusters. Major retailers have obvious advantages on [...]

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Best Free Online Courses for Small Business Owners – Part 2

Make sure to read part one of this two-part series on Free Online Courses for Small Business Owners to see five more awesome free courses that will help you grow your business. Read First... BEST FREE ONLINE COURSES FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS - Part 1 Why are these the best free online courses for small [...]

Best Free Online Courses for Small Business Owners – Part 1

Running a small business is no easy task, and there is always more you can learn to make your business grow.  You might not have the time or money to commit to traditional schooling and business course right now, but I’ve found an awesome collection of free online courses for small business owners that make [...]

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What Are Google Posts? How to Use This New GMB Feature

Last week we published the Latest Updates to Google My Business, which was packed full of all the new features Google My Business released in 2017.  There are descriptions of new features with instructions and links to learn more.  And still, the question I got over and over was “What are Google Posts?” You could [...]

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Latest Google My Business Updates – Summer 2017

Google has been very busy in 2017 with the latest Google My Business updates! While some updates were widely announced, some go unnoticed even though they bring major upgrades and added features that benefit Google My Business users. If you feel you are not up to speed on the Google My Business Updates, you can [...]

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8 Low-Cost Small Business Digital Marketing Tactics – FREE DOWNLOAD

Do you feel like you are spending a lot of time and money on your marketing and not getting results? Maybe you could use some low-cost small business digital marketing tactics?  Could be you just don’t know where to start, much less how to level up. Digital marketing can seem complicated when technology changes so [...]

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Facebook Advertising – Reach Your Marketing Goals with Ad Objectives

Why You Need Facebook Advertising? If you want to grow your business, you have to reach new customers. You can bet that a large cross-section of your customer base is using Facebook and Instagram every day.  To effectively market your business and increase awareness among the audience that matters to the growth of your business, [...]

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