Putting Customer Reviews to Work in 2018 – Build a Better Reputation

As 2017 fades we find that consumers are relying more and more on social proof such as online reviews to make their buying decisions. You know how important your online reputation is for growing your business, that’s why we’re going to show you how to leverage your online reviews to show customers you are the [...]

2018 Local SEO Strategy Planning Using 2017 Lessons Learned

As another whirlwind year comes to a close let’s take a look at what changed in Local SEO in 2017, the lessons we learned, and how we can use that information to create a winning 2018 Local SEO strategy. With the number of changes that happened in search engine optimization, especially on the local level, [...]

Holiday Local SEO To Do List – Get Found Fast This Season

It’s that time of year when everything is centered around your holiday plans.  That includes how to best market your business to local customers looking to spend vast amounts of money not only to give gifts but to make any part of the hectic season easier, faster and more pleasant.  If your business can meet [...]

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Reviews Increase CTR – “Get More Online Customer Reviews” CHEAT SHEET

Get More Online Customer Reviews to Increase Search Click Through Rates For a local business, ranking high in search results and increasing search click-through rates (CTR) are two top priorities.  Get more online customer reviews and you can see huge gains in both search ranking and CTR, earning new customers. Local search results are where [...]

How to Use Customer Reviews to Market Your Business – Reputation Marketing Basics

Reputation Marketing is, in the simplest terms, using your five-star online reputation to influence customers to do business with you.  Here you’ll learn how to use customer reviews to market your business. Got Questions About Your Reputation & Marketing? We’ve Got Answers. Q. So, how do you get a five-star online reputation?  A. By collecting [...]

Building a “Near Me” Search Strategy for Better SEO

With a steady rise in “near me” search queries, adding a “near me” search strategy to your local SEO puts your business in front of customers ready to buy. Over a year ago Google announced that search queries with local qualifiers such as “near me” had doubled in just one year.  More recently Google stated [...]

The Value of Your Business Reputation

What is Your Business Reputation Worth? Your business reputation plays a critical role in how new customers interact with your business.  Internet savvy consumers are doing internet searches, gathering information, and making their buying decisions in seconds.  Underestimating the value of a five-star reputation is a mistake small businesses must avoid, especially when competing with [...]

LOCAL CONSUMER REVIEW SURVEY: Customers Will Leave Review If Asked

Latest 2016 survey results show that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review if they are asked to, and 50% of consumers have actually left a review when asked to. As more and more consumers continue to seek out and rely on online reviews, it is clear to see that building and promoting [...]

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Using Customer Reviews to Boost SEO in 2017

When you understand how to use customer reviews to boost SEO, you can get your website ranking higher in search in 2017. Measuring Google’s search engine ranking factors are one of life’s great mysteries.  Experts specializing in analyzing search engine optimization have given us a pretty good idea of what’s important and which factors help [...]

Consumer Review Fairness Act – What is It? Why it Matters?

The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 - New consumer protection legislation passed in both the Senate and House of Representatives. While it seems everyone is running around Capitol Hill screaming “The Sky is Falling!” our elected officials have been working hard to get some things done before the new President takes over.  It was [...]

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