Using White Label Reputation Software for Agencies and SEOs

Afraid your marketing agency is too small to provide all the services your clients need? Do you lack the expertise, manpower, and resources to provide comprehensive services as part of your digital marketing packages? White label reputation management software is a solution that benefits your agency and your clients. Adding white label reputation marketing services [...]

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Google Plus is Shutting Down – How to Use Google Posts Instead

On October 8th, The Keyword (Google’s Official Blog) announced that Google+ is shutting down. Building up to end of Google Plus, Google recently revealed a security breach they discovered back in March 2018 contributed to the decision to phase out Google+. Ben Smith, Vice President of Engineering over at Google had this to say about [...]

Google Discover: New Google Search Features

On September 24, Google announced a Google Feeds update called Google Discover that promises to let people “Discover new information and inspiration with Search, no query required.” This update includes a new design for the Search feed that makes exploring your interest easier by uncovering new, interesting content that matters to the search engine user. Google Discover [...]

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Facebook Recommendations – FB Pages Updates and Reviews New Look

Recently, Facebook announced that Facebook Recommendations is the new way customers review, tag and recommend your business. This is great news because Facebook Pages are one of the best free business tools available to any business owner and you can use your Page to get your business in front of local customers while both building [...]

Citations and Business Directory Listings Still Local Search Rank Factor

In 2018 citations and business directory listings continue to be one of the easiest and straightforward tactics to get links pointing back to your local business and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) data online where search engines can find and verify your locations. These citations are still crucial because links and NAP from reputable and [...]

White Label Reputation Management – Next Step to Huge Profits

Looking for a way to easily add another revenue stream to your business while providing a new suite of valuable services to your clients? White label reputation management software lets your business deliver more services and take all the credit while an established platform, with expert support, provides the service. If you are a digital [...]

Putting Customer Reviews to Work in 2018 – Build a Better Reputation

As 2017 fades we find that consumers are relying more and more on social proof such as online reviews to make their buying decisions. You know how important your online reputation is for growing your business, that’s why we’re going to show you how to leverage your online reviews to show customers you are the [...]

2018 Local SEO Strategy Planning Using 2017 Lessons Learned

As another whirlwind year comes to a close let’s take a look at what changed in Local SEO in 2017, the lessons we learned, and how we can use that information to create a winning 2018 Local SEO strategy. With the number of changes that happened in search engine optimization, especially on the local level, [...]

What Are Google Posts? How to Use This New GMB Feature

Last week we published the Latest Updates to Google My Business, which was packed full of all the new features Google My Business released in 2017.  There are descriptions of new features with instructions and links to learn more.  And still, the question I got over and over was “What are Google Posts?” You could [...]

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Latest Google My Business Updates – Summer 2017

Google has been very busy in 2017 with the latest Google My Business updates! While some updates were widely announced, some go unnoticed even though they bring major upgrades and added features that benefit Google My Business users. If you feel you are not up to speed on the Google My Business Updates, you can [...]

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