Running a small business is no easy task, and there is always more you can learn to make your business grow.  You might not have the time or money to commit to traditional schooling and business course right now, but I’ve found an awesome collection of free online courses for small business owners that make the decision to learn more a no-brainer.

With these free online small business course, you can improve and retain important small business management and marketing skills without paying for tuition, textbooks, or travel.

Master the marketing side of growing a small business. Learn essential digital marketing skills and brush up on your SEO. Or you can finally tackle that social media marketing and advertising that promise to grow your business if you could only find the time to learn how to do it.

Why are these the best free online courses for small business owners?

Well, first because they are free! And you’ll find these courses offer actionable insight but only require a small investment of your time and commitment to learning the skills and activities that build better companies.  You’ll gain technical knowledge you can apply to your business today, as well as tips, resources and case studies that show you how it all works.

These expert-led courses are tailored for small businesses and teach you the essentials in short, easy to absorb lessons. If you can find 10 minutes a day to dedicate to a lesson, you could finish a handful of courses in the next month and set out a plan for a successful new year.

Note: These are truly No Cost courses you can view with free accounts on sites like SkillShare and Facebook – no need to create paid accounts for these free courses.

Free Online Courses for Small Business Owners – Pt 1

Getting Started with Email Marketing | Learn with MailChimp

By Allyson Van Houten

Email Marketing MailChimp Best Free Online CourseJoin MailChimp’s Allyson Van Houten and learn how to craft an email marketing strategy that helps you — the small business owners, freelancers, and startup teams — accomplish your business goals.

Email is a crucial channel in any marketing mix, and never has this been truer than for today’s entrepreneur. Curious what to say? How to say it? How often to hit “send”? Each bite-sized lesson delivers core concepts, guiding questions, and tactical how-to resources.

Whether you’re kicking off a new campaign or looking to revamp your strategy, the lessons you’ll learn will be universal to all small business email marketing.


Facebook Blueprint

Courtesy of Facebook®

Facebook Blueprint Best Free Online CourseLearn the best practices of Facebook marketing through a series of free, self-paced online courses and webinars. Blueprint eLearning can help anyone market more effectively on Facebook, from small businesses to agencies. All you need to get started is a Facebook account.

Learn the skills you need to move your business forward:

Explore courses

Browse free eLearning courses in a wide variety of topics and languages.

Choose a learning path

Follow a tailored learning path made up of courses curated for your role.

Get certified

Establish your Facebook marketing expertise. Put your skills to the test and earn verified credentials.



By Seth Godin

Modern Marketing Workshop Seth Godin Best Free Online CourseMarketing has changed more in the last 20 years than any other business discipline. Far more than accounting, manufacturing, or management. Why are we relying on the same-old traditional textbooks? Why are CMOs cornered into decisions that make no sense? Why do leaders still talk about marketing and advertising like they’re the same?

Seth Godin built this Modern Marketing Workshop for the team of today. Learn how to spot opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and grow relevant metrics into meaningful action. It’s a fast, powerful, and hands-on course that will transform you and your business.

This course is designed to connect you with other marketers so you can both teach and learn, maximizing the power of what’s covered.


Financing Options for Small Businesses

By Small Business Administration

SBA Financing Options Best Free Online CourseThis self-paced training exercise is an introduction to financing options for your business.

Topics include; determining your financial needs, loans, grants, venture capital, angel investors, crowdfunding and other financial options available to small businesses.


Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach Best Free Online was launched in 2003 to help people throughout the world learn, refresh, and deepen their understanding of introductory accounting and bookkeeping at no cost. The free website contains explanations, quizzes, Q&A, and more for 30 topics.

Since 2003 the AccountingCoach team lead by Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA, has worked thousands of hours to provide world-class materials for learning accounting basics via the Internet. The Core Materials provide valuable benefits over traditional textbooks, study guides, and other costly resources. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clarity from 25 years of teaching and testing
  • Relevant examples from working with small businesses
  • Convenience of 24/7 access
  • Self-directed materials all written by Harold Averkamp
  • Self-paced to fit your needs
  • Links to definitions
  • 1,000+ Q&A
  • Quizzes for immediate feedback
  • Puzzles for another way to learn or review


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Best Free Online Courses for Small Business Owners Part 2

Learning to be More Effective and Make Informed Decisions is the Greatest Investment in Your Business

I picked these courses because they allow you to learn how to do something that will make you a better business owner without spending a lot of money or dragging through business basics you’ve already mastered.  Learn how to better manage and grow your business without cutting corners because you are learning from some of the most famous experts and top instructors in the realm of small business success.


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