Two questions will tell you if you need this free download of the 2018 Reputation Management Checklist:

  1. When a customer searches for your business, do you know what shows up in search results?  
  2. Do search results give the impression you are a reliable and well-liked business?

If the answer is no to either of these questions, you’re going to want to get started checking off the items on this 2018 Reputation Management Checklist.

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Why Do I Need a Reputation Management Checklist?

The importance of managing your online reputation continues to grow as more consumers rely on internet research to make their purchasing decisions based on your reputation. Think about it.  Your next customer is more likely to find you through a mobile online search than driving by your storefront or billboard advertisement.

Managing your online reputation also gives you the opportunity to use online reviews, business social media profiles, and company websites to rank higher in search engine results. These links provide exposure to a wider pool of prospective customers when sound SEO practices are combined with effective reputation management techniques and tools.

Lacking an enticing web presence, your business risks losing new and returning customers to competitors found in the same internet search who have ensured they have a positive online presence.

Your Online Reputation Management Checklist

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The 2018 Reputation Management Checklist is a tool that ensures you establish your credibility as a reliable business and gives your company a competitive edge over others in your city and industry by promoting your positive online reputation.

Manage your reputation, and you position your business as the first and best choice when customers are researching online before deciding where to spend their money.

The 2018 Reputation Management Checklist also ensures you monitor reviews online and control much of what is being said about your business online and lets you influence those conversations towards positive messaging.

FREE DOWNLOAD: 2018 Reputation Management Checklist PDF

Your online reputation serves as 24/7 advertising, getting the word out about your company to customers searching on the internet – customers in your community searching for your specific service.

Read the checklist below or Click Here to save a PDF of the 2018 Reputation Management Checklist for later:

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Reputation Management Checklist– With Actionable Links

Quick Web Presence Audit:

[  ]  Do a Google Search for your business name.

[  ]  Do a Google Search for your business name + reviews.

[  ]  Check the major review sites for pages and reviews of your business.

[  ]  Check the major social media sites for pages or comments for your business.

Google Properties:

[  ]  Set up Google Analytics

[  ]  Check the Google Search Console to ensure your web pages are indexed

[  ]  Claim and Optimize your Google My Business Listing

[  ]  Set up Google Alerts to monitor new mentions of your business

Ensure Your Visibility Online

[  ]  Monitor and manage accurate business listings and citations

[  ]  Claim and optimize your business profiles on social media relevant to your industry

[  ]  Claim and optimize your business profiles on Review Sites your customers use

Managing Online Customer Reviews

[  ]  Have a system in place to monitor your online reputation

[  ]  Check reviews daily on the review sites that matter most in your industry

[  ]  Encourage customers to leave reviews on top review sites with automated feedback emails

[  ]  Respond to all reviews – both negative and positive

[  ]  Promote your best reviews on your social media accounts and website

[  ]  Gather testimonials you can use for YouTube videos or testimonial pages

Website, Blog and Link Building

[  ]  Create web pages that rank high in search results

[  ]  Consistently post search engine optimized keyword rich content to your website’s blog

[  ]  Guest post on popular blogs to get links back to your website


Your Online Reputation is Working 24/7 – Is It Earning You New Customers?

Your website and online marketing do not make up all or most of your web presence. Internet searches, social media, review websites, and complaint forums are top of mind activities and destinations as consumers search for the best service at the best price. Be sure to make reputation management, including a customer review strategy, part of your daily business operation.  Automate your customer review management with low-cost services such as Reputation Loop to monitor your online reputation and ensure positive reviews are consistently gathered and promoted across the web.


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